Special Studio Rates for Small Groups

Have you ever thought of getting your songs recorded in a studio but thought it was too expensive or didn’t know how to get started?  We can help!  If you have questions or want to book studio time, contact us at info@kingshillrecords.com.

As part of our efforts to support local music, we are offering affordable studio rates for solo performers and small groups that want to create a professional-quality recording of their song, EP or album in our Mountain View, CA studio (see below).

Our resident Producer / Engineer is ready to help you before, during and after the session to make your experience enjoyable and help you achieve results you will be proud of.

For more information about our studio, see our Studio Tour or, for tips on preparing for a session, check out Are You Ready For The Studio?

Size of GroupStudio RatePost-Production Rate
Four or moreContact UsContact Us
Answers to common questions

What is “post-production”?
This includes cleaning up and comping takes, tuning vocals, adding panning, EQ, effects and automation. A mix will be delivered for your review and modified based on your feedback. When you are happy with the track, we create a final distribution-ready master.

What is “comping”?
Comping (short for “composite”) is the process of building up a recording by selecting the best performances from multiple takes. The fewer takes required to get a good performance, the less comping time required.

How much time do I need to record my EP?
There is no hard-and-fast rule. However, you can reduce the amount of time required by being prepared for your session. See our post Are You Ready For The Studio for more details. If you can solidly play your songs through without having to stop, you’re on the right track.

Post-production is usually one-to-two times the recording time, based on the amount of comping, the complexity of the arrangement and how “produced” you want the record to sound.

How do I schedule studio time?
You can contact us at info@kingshillrecords.com or fill out the studio booking form.