Crow Eats Man Review : Soundscape Mag

There is something undeniably refreshing about any musician stepping onto the scene with this much machismo. It takes a driven, 90’s inspired musical act, like that of Mountain View, CA’s, Crow Eats Man, to really bring us back to the roots of why we call it Hard-Rock in the first place.

Doubling Down – When, Why and How

You’ll hear the term “doubling” thrown around a lot in the studio.  What does it mean and why do we do it? Keep reading to get the in’s and outs of doubling…

Another great review of the Crow Eats Man EP!

Alex Faulkner at the Faulkner Review wrote a great review of the new Crow Eats Man EP. This is a highly impressive debut E.P. from a rock band who have hit the ground running and found their own style. Combining elements of old-school grunge with more modern influences and production …

Are You Ready For The Studio?

Recording is a fun and exciting process, but it pays (literally) to be prepared before booking studio time. Continue reading to see our tips on how to prepare for your studio session.