UPDATE: We’re moving!  We are in the process of relocating to the city of bridges and roses, Portland, OR!  Stay tuned for updates as we make the transition and follow along with the build-out of the new studio.

PDX Studio : Floors & Doors (4/16/2019)- This week, we’ll look at the installation of our soundproof doors from IAC Acoustics and the walnut flooring.
PDX Studio : Building the barricade… (4/9/2019)- We’ve had a pause in updates but work has continued on through the winter albeit a bit slower as the attention of the crew returned to the main house above the studio. We’re in the final stages now and I wanted to catch this thread up with progress since the …
Hold On To Your Hat – Channels… (8/24/2018)- Next up at King’s Hill Sound PDX was the installation of isolation hangers and “hat channel” to suspend the drywall from the studs.
Tinfoil Hats & Warning Lights (7/23/2018)- King's Hill Sound - PDX Studio Update - electrical pre-wire, seismic retrofit, insulation and EMI abatement. Tinfoil Hats & Warning Lights.
King’s Hill Sound – Coming to PDX in 2019! (7/9/2018)- We are excited to share some details on the studio we are building in the City of Roses - Portland, OR. Designed by Wes Lachot, the studio will be located in SW Portland in the King's Hill neighborhood.

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