Located in Mountain View, CA, King’s Hill Records provides a high-quality recording and post-production environment for soloists, singer-songwriters and bands.  It is an ideal space to record demos, audition packages, singles, EPs or full albums.

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It all starts, and ends, in the control room where we gather to discuss projects, capture, process and mix the tracks.


The center piece of the studio (or, should we say “centre piece”?) is a Solid State Logic AWS 948 Super Analogue console.  The AWS DAW control, combined with some fun analog outboard gear makes for a very flexible hybrid tracking and mixing environment.


Our modest tracking room with vocal booth can be configured in multiple ways. Here we are tracking the Crow Eats Man EP.


With Sebastian in the dedicated vocal booth.


Our microphone collection includes some special microphones from AEA, Neumann, Telefunken and more. Below we are shooting out a Shure SM7B and a Neumann TLM67 for male vocals in the vocal booth.


Guitarists can move air with real amps or track through our Fractal Audio AxeFX XL processors with access to over 200 amp models, thousands of cabinets and a state of the art effects library.


Bassists can use our Ampeg B15-N, their own amp, or use the bass amp and cabinet models in the AxeFX.


Drummers can utilize the studio’s Roland TD-30 V-Drum kit, or bring their own kit for recording.

Drums TR

Everything is heard loud and clear thanks to our Focal Trio6 Be monitors and accompanying Focal Sub6.


In addition to tons of plugins and 20 UAD-2 DSPs for in-the-box processing, we have some fun analog outboard gear for tracking and mixing.  Channel strips include Universal Audio 6176 and 610 MK II.  Both feature the famous 610B pre-amp and give us a choice of 1176 or LA-2A style dynamics processing.


During mix down, we use a combination of analog gear for inline and parallel processing. Here we are using a Neve 33609 and a pair of Universal Audio 1176LN compressors for parallel compression during mix down.


The heart of our analog mastering chain is a set of Manley analog tube EQ, compressors and limiters.  We can also print to 2-track tape for more analog goodness.


Another setup in the tracking room for keyboards, guitar and bass.

Tracking Room-sm

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