Crow Eats Man Releases Debut EP

Mountain View, CA – December 19, 2017 – King’s Hill Records is proud to announce the powerful debut EP from Crow Eats Man. This self-titled studio release brings the excitement and energy from their live performances to CD and popular online music services.

Listen to “Jaded” 

The EP contains 6 tracks of original music and includes a bonus radio-edit cut of their fan favorite Jaded. Pre-Order one of the limited run Crow Eats Man CD’s or download the album today.

  • Crow Eats Man – EP (CD + Download)

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  • Crow Eats Man – EP (Download)

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Also available on iTunes, Tidal, Spotify, Amazon MusicGoogle Play and Bandcamp.


The five members of Crow Eats Man met in April 2016 and immediately discovered their shared influences of ‘90s rock bands such as Alice in Chains , Rage Against The Machine and The Stone Temple Pilots. Their live performances and EP reflect these influences with a thick, riff-laden sound and sophisticated arrangements featuring Sebastian’s soaring vocals, the heavy riffs of Reku and Elliot on guitar and the driving rhythm section of Ricky and Nick on drums and bass.



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